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Source: Avon and Somerset Constabulary

  • BCU25 18102018 Awards

BCU25 18102018 Somerset - Be Proud Nominations now open

The annual Be Proud Awards recognise and reward those hard working police men and women who go above and beyond every day to make the communities of Avon and Somerset a safer place. Every person who works or volunteers within the Constabulary play a role in helping to ensure to be safe and feel safe, and this event aims to highlight the exemplary work of those individuals. The nomination form is available on the Be Proud Awards website

To obtain a paper copy, telephone please call 01278-646188.

Closing date for nominations is 27 January 2019.

PCC Sue Mountstevens said: “Opening the nominations for this year’s Be Proud Awards really is an honour. Every year we see examples of dedication, passion, enthusiasm and bravery from all aspects of the constabulary and to be able to recognise and reward those people is humbling. I urge you to nominate those people who make a difference within our communities. Those who keep our communities strong; who put their own safety last; who work day and night to protect us all and whose sole intentions are to keep us safe. I always look forward to reading these nominations and with yet another year of large scale operations, hugely popular events and day to day incidents, I’m sure the calibre will be exceptionally high as always.”

The awards recognise the outstanding work of our policing service in the following categories: Neighbourhood Officer of the Year, Response Officer of the Year, Investigator of the Year, Police Staff Member of the Year, Police Support Volunteer of the Year, Special Constable of the Year, Specialist Operations Award and Policing Team of the Year.

Chief Constable Andy Marsh said: “Last year’s Be Proud Awards were a huge success and this was down to the high standard of nominations and fantastic winners we were able to recognise. Many officers, staff, volunteers and special constables don’t perceive what they do as anything other than just their job, and that’s what makes these awards so special. I am proud to work amongst people who work so hard day in day out to support victims, bring justice to offenders and support our communities. Every nomination submitted means another person gets the recognition they deserve, and it’s brilliant to see the proud faces of their family, friends and colleagues when they receive their award. I hope that you will submit your nominations and help us to recognise our policing heroes.”

An independent panel will select winners across the policing areas and an awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at Cadbury House Hotel, where an overall winner for each category will be announced.

  • N439 05102018 Autumn Newsletter

N439 05102018 Autumn Newsletter

Please find attached to this message the latest edition of the Watch Schemes Newsletter for your information. It includes items from senior officers and crime reduction information which can be passed on to your members.

Paper copies of this document can be supplied if necessary but only on the basis of one per 5 households registered to your scheme – if you have previously asked to be placed on our mailing list for this publication then your paper copies are on their way to you.

If you have any queries, or wish to order any of the crime reduction items, please do not hesitate to contact Lindsey at the Watch Schemes office on 01278-644799.


  • N423 26092018 Beat Officer update

N423 26092018 AN004

Firstly to confirm your local beat team is:

PC 3494 Pete Rooke, PCSO 9779 Julie Berchall and PCSO 7948 Kate Turner

Message from PC Rooke:

I am PC 3494 Peter Rooke and with my colleagues, PCSO 7948 Kate Turner and PCSO 9779 Julie Berchall we police the town of Nailsea.

We work within a team of 1 Sergeant, 4 Constables and 7 police community support officers from Nailsea fire station. Between us all we cover a large geographical area, including villages as far apart as Long Ashton to Blagdon.

We actively patrol our area working to reduce any crime, anti-social behaviour and promoting crime reduction to make our neighbourhood a safer environment.

If you have any priorities or matters you think I should be addressing please contact me on:

  • BCU23 25092018 Crimes Against Older Persons

BCU23 25092018

This message is sent at the request of the Crown Prosecution Service and Senior Police Officers across the Force.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have launched a public consultation on the revised public policy guidance on Crimes Against Older People.

The policy guidance has been developed in partnership with two National Scrutiny Panels, which consist of members with experience and expertise from a community and academic perspective.

In advance of its finalisation, we would welcome views on five specific questions regarding the policy guidance. Any other comments outside these questions are also welcome.

The consultation can be found on the CPS website at: and will run until 28 October 2018. The final policy guidance will be published later in the year.

  • N358 22082018 criminal damage

N358 22082018 AN004

The police are appealing for information after the roof of the new youth shelter in Millennium Park was damaged.

The incident happened at about 8.45am on Tuesday 7 August.

The shelter was built after requests from local youths and money raised by the community. The police worked hard with partner agencies to see a reduction in anti-social behaviour in the park. It would be a shame to see the damage caused by a few affecting the good behaviour of a large number of youths.

If anyone has information they can contact the Nailsea Neighbourhood team on 101.

  • BCU21 15082018 warning message

BCU21 15082018

This message is put out at the request of our corporate communications department following a spate of vulnerable victim frauds. There are a number of 'stories' that are used, one describes being from the NCA investigating the bank, others refer to errors on computers etc.

Scammers are quick-witted and their stories are very convincing. We urge you to read this advice from @GetSafeOnline and start a conversation with older relatives, neighbours and friends to make sure they are confident to say no to #TelephoneScams                              

  • BCU20 07082018 Somerset

This is a reminder to those of you who still wish to book tickets for the Emergency Services Open Day on Sunday 16 September at Police and Fire HQ Portishead.

The previous round of tickets made available were snapped up via the on-line booking system in only 3 minutes.

There will be 2 more issues of tickets and we expect them to be just as popular. These will be released on the following dates:

At 1pm on 8 August, and

At 7pm on 28 August

The link to book these tickets is:

PLEASE NOTE - This is a ticketed event only and you will need a valid ticket to attend.

  • N313 16072018 burglary

N313 16072018 AN004

On 11 July a burglary occurred at Yew Tree Gardens, Nailsea (reported on 13 July). Access was gained through an unlocked door and damage caused inside the property. Cash was also stolen from a pot in the kitchen.

  • BCU19 13072018 Somerset

This is an important message to those of you who still wish to book tickets for the Emergency Services Open Day on Sunday 16 September at Police and Fire HQ Portishead.

The previous round of tickets made available were snapped up via the on-line booking system in only 3 minutes.

There will be 2 more issues of tickets and we expect them to be just as popular. These will be released on the following dates:

At 1pm on 8 August, and

At 7pm on 28 August

The link to book these tickets is:

PLEASE NOTE - This is a ticketed event only and you will need a valid ticket to attend.

  • BCU18 29062018 Emergency Services Day

BCU18 29062018

We are delighted to announce that we will be opening the doors of Police and Fire HQ at Portishead on Sunday 16 September for our annual Emergency Services Open Day.

The incredible work of all the emergency services working across Avon and Somerset will be showcased during the action-packed event giving members of the public the opportunity to see first-hand how the emergency services and partners work together to keep our communities safe.

As well as displays by the mounted and dog section, exhibits showing the work of the fire and police services, organisations representing Mountain Rescue, SWAFST, HM Coastguard, British Red Cross, RNLI and Wessex 4 X 4 and more will be there.

Open Day tickets are free and will be available from 10am on Friday 6 July using the following link

PLEASE NOTE - This is a ticketed event only and you will need a valid ticket to attend.

  • BCU17 07062018 Summer Newsletter

This message is sent with the following attachments which you are welcome to forward/copy for your members:

Neighbourhood Watch newsletter for Summer 2018

Letter from ACC Stephen Cullen

If you have previously requested paper copies of the newsletter, these will be forwarded to you very shortly.

If you wish to be added to the list for paper copies of the newsletter please contact Lindsey at the NHW office (01278-644799) who will arrange this for you – please note paper copies of this publication are produced on the basis of 1 per 5 households registered to your scheme.


  • N253 06062018 burglary

During the morning of 5 June a window was broken to the rear of a property in Yew Tree Gardens, Nailsea. This activated an alarm at the property which alerted the victim to the offence. It is thought that the alarm sounding disturbed the intruder who made off. Nothing appears stolen.

  • BCU15 30052018 Invitation to event

BCU15 30052018 Somerset - this message is sent on behalf of the Avon and Somerset Neighbourhood Watch Association:

The Avon and Somerset Neighbourhood Watch Association (ASNWA) would like to invite you to attend a Neighbourhood Watch Network (NWN) event on Wednesday 20th June 2018 at Police Headquarters, Portishead. The event will run from 9.30am (Registration) then 10am to 4:30pm.

The NWN are holding regional events to showcase new, practical Crime & Vulnerability Toolkits and NW Development Seminars.

In consultation with their principle funder the Home Office they have secured funding to develop a set of 5 practical Toolkits on various crime and vulnerability issues.

This is to support what they have heard from a range of NW leads that some coordinators and members want to do more but are unsure how. The toolkits will be information and practical guides, from a NW perspective, to help address a range of crimes and issues that can cause significant harm to victims.

Anyone - member, coordinator or Association lead - with an interest in gaining information, additional knowledge and the chance to share this within your area with other members and coordinators will be the perfect participants for the toolkits and seminars.

The 5 themes of the toolkits are:

• Domestic Abuse – which as we know affects all communities

• Serious Violence – particularly knife crime

• Vulnerability and loneliness – to increase community cohesion

• Fraud and scams – particularly relevant for vulnerable people

• High harm crimes – Modern Slavery, Child Sexual Exploitation

The Toolkits contain information, best practice, printable and downloadable materials and practical advice on using them and developing a local project or programme. The advantage of working with local NW’s is that the information and materials will be relevant and usable by coordinators and members.

While some of these themes may not at first appear to be traditional themes for NW there is a key role we can all play in supporting our communities and our police partners to address these significant issues which affect all our communities especially vulnerability, scams and domestic abuse.

They are also planning an additional toolkit later in the year focused on using social media, benefits and issues and sharing good practice.

There are two key aims for each event:

1. Neighbourhood Watch into the future

The NW Development Seminars will be the chance for NHW Coordinators, Deputies and Members to feed into and help develop NW’s Strategy for the future. Half of each Seminar will focus on the strategy development work that has been initiated with NW local leads, the staff team, the board and partners. Attendees will discuss and input into the strategy to develop and modernise the organisation over the next three years.

2. Launching Crime and Vulnerability Toolkits / Training for Champions

Crime in England and Wales is changing and we’re providing new practical information and help for our members to support the police in the detection and reduction of these crimes. Our network of 2.3 million member households is a force to be reckoned with. So we’re finding more practical ways we can empower our members to look at some of the crimes that cause such significant harm to victims and communities. A simple example of this would be that if you regularly see different people going into a nearby house or minibuses turning up this may be a sign of Human Trafficking or if you are aware of an elderly neighbor regularly getting people knocking on their door they may well be being targeted for scams.

The NWN are looking to attract interest across England and Wales at these Seminars and for participants to share their knowledge in their local area so even more people can get the important information they need to help coordinators and NW members. This may simply mean sharing the information contained within the toolkits, developing a local focus on one or more of the areas or perhaps running a local project if they or local coordinators want to.

If you would like to attend the Seminar then please email Sian Dawon at the NWN direct:


  • BCU14 25052018 Message sent on behalf of Avon & Somerset Neighbourhood Watch Association

This message is sent on behalf of the Avon and Somerset Neighbourhood Watch Association (ASNWA). If you have queries regarding this message please DO NOT reply to this email but instead contact ASNWA direct at:

(As mentioned previously the Police will be forwarding advice to co-ordinators regarding the GDPR in due course)

The message from the ASNWA reads:

Further to our last email, the Association has developed an online PDF GDPR consent form.

This will allow you to email the PDF template to your new members who will be able to fill it out on the screen and email it back to you, therefore negating the need for unnecessary paperwork. It is offered as an alternative way to get new members to fill out their GDPR consent form from the 25th May.

You are not required to use this method if you don't want to, and can continue to use the existing form provided in our previous message.

This method requires Adobe Reader (which is FREE to download) using a PC or Tablet and can be found at:

There are 3 files:

1. NW GDPR Consent Form

The base template you will send to new members.

2. HOW TO Use the on-line NW Consent template

Instructions on the procedures needed to add your contact details to the template, send it to the new member and how they fill in their details and return it to you.

3. HOW TO Sign the on-line NW Consent form

Detailed instructions for members on how to 'sign' the template and email it back to you.


• how-to-sign-the-on-line-nw-consent-form.pdf

• how-to-use-the-on-line-nw-consent-template.pdf

• nw-gdpr-consent-form.pdf


  • BCU16 25052018 PCC Email updates

This message is sent on behalf of the Avon and Somerset Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

From 25 May 2018, new data protection rules mean that we need your permission to stay in touch even if you are already a subscriber or you are currently receiving updates from us.

If you would like to receive email updates from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, please follow this link:

You will be required to input an email address but all other questions are optional and as such do not have to be filled out. Press submit as soon as you are happy with your preferences.

If you do not want to receive updates from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, you can ignore this message.

You can unsubscribe or manage your subscription preferences at any time by clicking on the link in the email footer.

If you have any questions please get in touch by emailing

  • BCU13 10052018 Data Protection

This message is sent on behalf of Nick Gough, Chairman of the Avon and Somerset Neigbourhood Watch Association, NOT Avon and Somerset Constabulary

Please do not reply to this message but email any queries to:

Please find attached a PDF and Word versions of GDPR guidance which is a culmination of work by the NWN (Neighbourhood Watch Network - the national NHW Charity), the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office - the UK data regulator) and Associations around the country.

There has been a lot speculation on what GDPR means for NHW, and we have been corresponding with many Co-ordinators and local Associations over the past few months to allay any fears.

Despite press woes, the regulations are not onerous for NHW and only affect NEW members signed up on or after the 25th May - when the new regulations come into force.

We are also working on an online PDF version which would allow you to send out the form on email, have the recipient electronically sign the document and email it back so it can be electronically stored, negating the need to print/scan documentation.

If you have any questions or concerns about this guidance, can you please email your queries to the Association (NOT Avon and Somerset Constabulary) at:

(Please note: the Constabulary will issue a separate statement regarding this matter in due course)


(Note from Nailsea NHW - this is primarily intended as a guidance/checklist for independent Coordinators - please refer to our Nailsea NHW GDPR Policy statement.)

BCU12 01052018 Message from the PCC

The Avon and Somerset Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC), Sue Mountstevens, wishes to appoint some additional independent persons to sit on Misconduct Hearing Panels. Hearings take place when there is a case to answer for Gross Misconduct against a Police Officer and this is part of an open and transparent disciplinary process. The purpose of the independent person’s role is to provide an independent and impartial voice as one of three people who sit on a Misconduct Panel and to assist the Panel in coming to a fair and evidence-based judgement about a Police Officer’s conduct in deciding on an appropriate sanction.

To download an application pack please visit or contact the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner on 01275 816377. Closing date for applications is 12noon on 1 June 2018.

BCU11 30042018 Insurance docs

The free Public Liability Insurance for Neighbourhood Watch, Street Signs and other activities has been renewed for this financial year (1 April 2018-31 March 2019). Please find a copy of the Certificate and Policy Documentation attached.

If you would like us to send you a copy of the Certificate and Policy Documentation, please contact your local Neighbourhood Watch Administrator.


N174 19042018 non dwelling break

During the early morning of 18 April a shed at a property in West End, Nailsea was broken into. Number of items stolen including disc cutter and chainsaw.

BCU10 16042018 Somerset

We have been receiving a number of enquiries from watch scheme co-ordinators regarding the implementation of the new General Data Protection Legislation or GDPR, and any implications this may have for co-ordinators who may hold computer records of personal details of scheme members.

The General Data Protection Regulation is EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union and comes into force on the 25 May this year, replacing the current 1995 Data Protection Directive.

As an organisation we are currently working to ensure compliance with the new regulations in all areas of our business.

We are awaiting guidance from our Corporate Information Management department. Once this is issued, if necessary, you will be contacted. Until such time please continue as normal.

N159 11042018 Court Result

A man who murdered his wife and left their two young sons to find her body has been jailed for life. Andrew Tavener repeatedly stabbed his wife, Claire, at their Nailsea home in early January.

The 45-year-old then fled his Brendon Gardens address and attempted to take his own life by lying in front of a train.

Shortly after the initial 999 call was made, police were informed of a man on the railway at nearby Nailsea and Backwell Station. On arrival at the station, officers found Tavener with a significant injury to his hand after he had been hit by a train. He admitted to officers while on the platform that he had just killed his wife.

After treatment in hospital Tavener was charged with murder and appeared at Bristol Crown Court on 10 April. He was given a life term and told he would serve a minimum of 16 years and eight months behind bars before he will be considered for release.

N115 19032018 non dwelling break

Overnight 16-17 March a shed at a property in Eastway Square, Nailsea was broken into and fence panels at the property also damaged.

Between 14-16 March damage caused to property in St Austell Close, Nailsea

On 18 March pedal cycle stolen from a parking area at High Street, Nailsea.

Senior Siren Publication

BCU6 14032018 Senior Siren

Please find below a link to the very latest edition of the Senior Siren magazine featuring an exclusive interview with respected national treasure, Nerys Hughes, as well as a variety of other lifestyle and senior safety advice.

This magazine will now be published twice a year and the next edition is expected in the Autumn of 2018.

W199 14032018 Bogus Callers

Once again police are asking members of the public to be alert when dealing with callers at the door, cold callers on the phone or by Email. Recent incidents include:

(a) Rogue traders calling at a property and informing the owner that they need to fix ridge tiles. The charge was to be over £900 for a job that was unnecessary. Fortunately a neighbour came out and stated they had called the police. The callers left the property.

(b) Calls and Emails have been received by members of the public that purport to be from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). These either indicate that there is a tax refund available or that there is tax owed and that it needs to be paid in iTunes vouchers. Please be aware that this department will not telephone or contact by Email in this way and they will never ask for any refunds to be done in voucher form.

It is difficult to keep up with different types of scams but remember: if the offer is too good to be true then it probably is; if you need work or services then make your own enquiries to find firms to provide them; do not have dealings with callers at the door.

We have a limited number of leaflets giving advice about cold callers – contact Lindsey at the office for details - or use the following link to the police website for more advice.

BCU5 21022018 Feedback survey

Avon and Somerset Constabulary are currently conducting a Quality of Service Feedback Survey, and we have had some people receiving our telephone survey calls concerned it may be a scam.

Please be aware that as your contact details are registered with us, from time to time you may receive a telephone call from a market research company called SMSR asking you to take part in a survey. Members of the public calling or Emailing the police may also receive a call regarding this feedback survey.

It is a Home Office requirement that all Police Forces carry out user feedback surveys. SMSR operates on our behalf strictly within the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and under no circumstances will your details be used for any other purpose.

This process is directed by the Chief Constable, acting as force data controller, operating under a strict set of terms and conditions and in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Your valuable feedback is used to identify opportunities for us to further improve the quality of service we provide.

If you do not want to take part in this survey please contact the Constabulary on 01275 816332 and leave a recorded message to be removed from the ‘user satisfaction survey’.

Further details can be found by following the link below.

Force-wide message - Livestock Worrying

This message is sent on behalf of our Rural Crime Teamed and aimed at all dog walkers and we would be grateful if you could pass this on:

Livestock worrying is a big issue especially as we approach the Spring. We are seeing an increase in such reports and would like to take this opportunity to politely remind dog walkers to keep their animals on leads around livestock.

Remember to follow the Countryside Code, especially during lambing season.

If your dog attacks livestock, you could end up being responsible for offences including criminal damage and sheep worrying, as well as potential prosecution for offences under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Farmers also have the right to shoot dogs that are worrying or attacking livestock. We don’t want anyone to lose their beloved family pet.

The Avon and Somerset Police Rural Crime Team recommends:

• Always checking for livestock in fields when walking your dog/s

• Always making sure you shut gates behind you

• When in or near fields with livestock, keep your dog/s on a lead and under control at all times. The only time you should release your dog is in the event of being chased by cattle. By restraining the dog in this circumstance you put yourself at risk of being injured

• If you live near livestock and own a dog/s make sure that your property and garden are secure so your pets cannot escape

Leading rural insurer NFU Mutual saw a 50% rise in dogs attacks on livestock in the UK in 2016.

N052 02022018 Newsletter

Please find attached to this message the latest edition of the Police Newsletter for your information. We would be grateful if you could forward the document to your members.

Paper copies of this document can be supplied if necessary but only on the basis of one per 5 households registered to your scheme – if you have previously asked to be placed on our mailing list for this publication then your paper copies are on their way to you.

If you are unable to read the attachment or wish to check whether you will receive any paper copies please contact Lindsey at the office who will try to assist (Tel 01278-644799).


N049 02022018 Murder investigation - update

Following our message sent to schemes in January the police have now charged a 45-year-old man with murder in connection with the death of Claire Tavener.

Claire, 27, was found dead at a house on Brendon Gardens in Nailsea on 8 January. A post mortem examination confirmed she died from multiple stab wounds.

Specialist officers continue to provide support to her family.

Police would like to thank the public for their support during this investigation.

N042 29012018 burglary

During the afternoon of 24 January a burglary occurred at Woodland Road, Nailsea. Entry gained by forcing open a window. A search was made and jewellery stolen.

Overnight 24-25 January lead stolen from roof of building in Church Lane, Nailsea.

Overnight 26-27 January damage caused to vehicle at Elm Lodge Road, Wraxall

N032 22012018 non dwelling break

Overnight of 18-19 January a garage at a property in West End Lane, Nailsea was broken into. Two pedal cycles stolen.

N022 15012018 AN004

Overnight 11-12 January a burglary occurred at Yew Tree Gardens, Nailsea. It is thought that access was gained by breaking a window to the rear of the property. A handbag and cash was stolen from inside.

Overnight 11-12 January damage caused to the window of a vehicle parked in Shaftesbury Close, Nailsea.

BCU2 09012018 Pride Awards

Is there a police officer, volunteer or member of police support staff who you would like to thank for their work? If you know anyone who works within Avon and Somerset Constabulary that goes above and beyond their role, you can make sure that they get recognised!

The Be Proud Awards celebrate the best of policing in Avon and Somerset and we want your nominations for those people who work hard to keep our communities safer and stronger.

There are less than two weeks to make sure that your 'policing hero' is recognised for their work within Avon and Somerset Constabulary, so make sure you submit your nominations for the Be Proud Awards 2018 before the deadline of the 27th January.

Go to to use the online submission form or email to email your nomination.

N015 09012018 Major investigation

As you are probably aware from the media the police have launched a murder investigation after a woman died at a property in Nailsea yesterday.

A male was arrested shortly afterwards and investigations continue.

Police would like to assure local residents that this is believed to be an isolated incident.

Police are also appealing for information and if anyone saw or heard anything suspicious in the Brendon Gardens area prior to the incident occurring yesterday morning please call the police on 101. You should tell the call handler that you are calling in relation to log number 108 of 8 January 2018.

N011 08012018 non dwelling break

Overnight 5-6 January a garage at Parish Brook Road, Nailsea was broken into and a pedal cycle stolen.

BCU1 08012018 PCC Drop in Session

Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens is holding public drop-in sessions around County on Wednesday 10th January, to speak to residents and ask their views on the proposal to increase council tax to support policing. The proposal would increase council tax by £1 extra a month for the average ‘Band D’ household and the PCC would like to hear your views on this. You can speak with Sue or a member of her team at any of the following places:

10AM – 11:30 AM, The Galleries, Bristol.

1PM – 2:30PM, Angel Place Shopping Centre, Bridgwater.

3:15PM – 4:30PM, The Sovereign Shopping Centre, Weston-super-Mare.

6PM – 7PM, Sainsburys, Chard.

If you are unable to make any of these locations, please send your views by Email to: or call 01275 816377.

29/12/2017 Fraud AN004

On THURSDAY 28th DECEMBER 2017 at around 1430 hours the victim received a phone call stating they were from the Fraud Office and they had seen some suspicious activity on her account, they then put her through to someone who claimed to be from HALIFAX, the person on the phone had a SCOTTISH accent and they stated that they would have to open a new account for her and she would be required to transfer £5000 to this new account. The offender arranged for a Taxi to pick the victim up to go to the bank, the victim has realised that this was suspicious and reported it. 

Please note that several people in the Nailsea Area have been contacted and we encourage anyone who has any information to contact the police on 101 or on our website.

BCU34 20122017 warning

Please note that there have been some instances recently where parcels delivered for individuals have been stolen. Of those the most recent have been:

A parcel delivered in Bridgwater and left in the porch at the front of the delivery address. Victim returned home to find the parcel missing.

A suspect took a delivery card in the name of the victim and collected a parcel in Weston Super Mare

Officers ask you to take care over the security of parcels being delivered. If you are not going to be home to receive them, try to find an alternative where they will be home. If you are buying on-line then many companies use a 'click and collect' service with other more local businesses which can be convenient.

BCU33 13122017 

Somerset Festive message

Thank you all for helping the police and your community through another year. The importance of Neighbourhood Watch as a key part of a strong community is never lost on me. As I travel throughout Somerset and North Somerset it is always good to see Neighbourhood Watch signs on display. Reassuring for me and a deterrent to would-be villains. It also tell me that that community cares and there are often other signs of that - Community Speed Watch, an old telephone box turned into a book exchange or a parish noticeboard crammed with notices of events. It is so important to keep our communities active and many of you will be involved in extra events over the festive period. 

Thank you for being involved in Neighbourhood Watch and also thank you for the other community aspects you support. Together we make this a wonderful place to live and work in.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful 2018.

Mike Prior

Superintendent Neighbourhood & Partnerships

BCU32 12122017 Somerset

Be Proud Award

Preparations are well underway for this year’s Be Proud Awards, organised jointly by the Constabulary and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. 

The Be Proud Awards aim to highlight the very best of Avon and Somerset Constabulary, acknowledging and rewarding our dedicated officers, staff and volunteers for all their hard work in ensuring the communities of Avon and Somerset are safe and feel safe. 

Last year’s awards saw 22 individuals and five teams recognised for their efforts and hard work in fighting crime, supporting victims and bringing offenders to justice. 

Officers, police staff and volunteers can be recognised in the following categories:

- Neighbourhood Officer of the Year

- Response Officer of the Year

- Investigator of the Year

- Police Staff Member of the Year

- Police Support Volunteer of the Year

- Special Constable of the Year

- Specialist Operations Award

- Policing Team of the Year

We are looking for your helping in promoting the awards amongst your communities and encouraging nominations where they are truly deserved.

To nominate visit  

Closing date for nominations is 27 January 2018. Hardcopy nomination forms are also available in police stations, local community buildings and on request please call 01275 816377.

BCU31 11122017 Volunteer Opportunity

Please see attached document seeking volunteers for Prison Circles; Circles for young people and Circles for adults with intellectual abilities. Force is recruiting volunteers for training in the New Year.



BCU30 07122017 Vehicle Crime

Over recent weeks there has been a large increase in vehicle crime. 

Variety of vehicles targeted but in some areas theft from vans has been particularly high. The majority of these are privately owned or contract vans (as opposed to the corporate image vans). Unknown offender(s) have been breaking into the vehicles, mainly by smashing a window and stealing power tools. 

We have also seen an increase in theft from cars. Items such as satellite navigation accessories and handbags have been targeted because they have been left on display inside the car.

We urge members of the public to follow the below advice :-

1. Make sure your vehicle is locked and secured before walking away - if you have an alarm on the vehicle make 

sure it is set 

2. Remove ALL valuable tools and powered equipment from vehicles

3. Do not leave any valuables on display no matter how small or insignificant they are 

4. Remove the sat nav holder from the windscreen and wipe away the sucker smudge from the windscreen. 

You can also register your personal property for free on 

This is a free website whereby you can create an account for yourself. Register any property which has a unique serial number (I.e. mobile phones, laptops, power tools, sat navs etc.)

As always, please ensure you report all suspicious activity to 101, or 999 if crime is in progress.

BCU29 13112017 Firearms Surrender campaign

Firearms Surrender campaign

From 13-26 November, the police are holding a firearms and ammunition surrender campaign. This gives people the opportunity to dispose of these items in a safe place and those surrendering items will not face prosecution.

In Somerset the items can be surrendered at the following stations:

• Bridgwater Police Centre: open 8am – 8pm everyday

• Yeovil: open 8am – 8pm everyday

If you are unable to attend a police station please telephone the police on 101 to discuss alternative arrangements.

There will also be an opportunity to surrender bladed weapons at these stations during this time.

See the full article on the following link:

N385 13112017 AN004, burglary

Overnight 10-11 November a burglary occurred at Sunnymede Road, Nailsea. Access gained into the property and a search made inside - no details of items stolen.

9-10 November number plates stolen from vehicles in Camp View, Parish Brook Road, Silver Street.

BCU29 19102017 Cold Calling

Trading Standards have made us aware that there are companies causing concerns in Somerset. These often have representatives in the area cold calling at houses. They vary in what they are offering, it can be suggesting they can handle compensation claims or talking about cavity wall insulation. Callers can be offering to provide garden services, selling goods etc.

Bogus traders often call at the door without an appointment - their work can be over-priced and poor quality.

Make sure you do not buy from or sell to callers at the door. If you have a chain on your door then ensure it is on before you answer the door to strangers.

Do not have dealings with cold callers - better to close the door and keep them outside. If you do want to have work done then ensure you get written quotations from reputable companies - consider asking family or friends for suggestions.

Remember you can also get bogus calls on the telephone or by Email - never give out ANY personal information on either.

If you think you have been subject of cold calling, bogus traders etc then please contact the police using the 999 emergency number.

BCU28 18102017 ASNWA masterclass

ASNWA Masterclass

Avon and Somerset Neighbourhood Watch Association (ASNWA) in collaboration with the Avon and Somerset Constabulary are running a Coordinator Masterclass on Saturday 28th October, 2017 from 10am to 4pm at the Police & Fire Headquarters in Portishead.

Places are limited so please register for the event quickly to avoid disappointment.

Please take note of the instructions in the attached documents on how to register for the event and to let ASNWA know of any special dietary requirements or allergies they should be aware of as a buffet lunch is provided.

Note: This event if for registered coordinators and deputies only.


BCU27 18102017 Somerset

This message is sent jointly on behalf of the newly constituted Avon and Somerset Neighbourhood Watch Association (ASNWA) and Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

Both organisations are keen to forge closer relationships with local Neighbourhood Watch Groups (Multi-schemes, Associations, Panels, Safety Forums) or any other grouping of NHW schemes within the Avon and Somerset force area.

They recognise that these 'local group schemes' (in some areas this will be known by other names such as local association etc) have their own procedures and ways of working, so wish to formally recognise your grouping to get an understanding of how NHW works for you locally. It is hoped that through dialogue with the association, they can work with you to shape NHW in the force area by working with the Constabulary centrally on policy and locally with beat teams to implement those policies. We believe this will add real value to NHW and help promote and grow it within the force area.

It is important to reiterate that the role of the association is not to dictate or add another layer to NHW; it is there as a consultative and advisory group, to work with NHW schemes, the constabulary and local beat teams to make NHW an effective crime prevention tool, to help reduce crime and the fear of crime within our communities. They want to reiterate that NHW schemes are a resource not a demand on police resources, and that collaboration results in tangible benefits in assisting the police at time when resources are stretched and money from central government is reducing year-on-year.

To that end if you represent one of these NHW groupings, we would like you to make contact with Lindsey at the NHW office to confirm which group you represent. The association can then map where such groups exist and officially recognise you. They would then like to have a conversation with the groups to understand your needs and work with you to implement changes needed to modernise and bring about longevity to NHW within the force area.

BCU26 02102017, Fraud

Police have had a number of reports of fraud where people have been duped out of cash or coerced into purchasing items from fraudsters posing as police officers.

The latest scam involves people being contacted by a man posing as a police officer who is investigating a fraud at their bank. The victim is then persuaded to take part in an undercover investigation by obtaining cash from their account or by purchasing high value items including Rolex watches. 

Arrangements are made for the victims to attend a meeting to hand over the cash or goods – the meeting point is sometimes a railway station. 

A police officer, or any other official, will never ask for money or bank details over the phone or on the door-step or ask you to arrange to take them to a pre-arranged location. If you are unsure if the person is who they say they are, ask for identification such as their collar number and call 101 to check the name and the authenticity of the caller. 

If you want to report being a victim of this type of fraud call 101, quoting reference 5217219020

N318 18092017 North Somerset

Please find attached latest version of the NHW newsletter in both word and pdf versions for your interest and for you to pass on to your members.

Those who have already requested paper copies will find them arriving shortly - if you've not already requested these and would like some please contact this office. Please note these are distributed on the basis of one per five households registered in a scheme.


BCU25 ASNWA Inaugural Meeting/Open Forum

This message is forwarded on behalf of the Avon & Somerset Neighbourhood Watch Association (ASNWA)

Please find attached your invitation to the Avon and Somerset Neighbourhood Watch Association Inaugural meeting and Open Forum.

Please follow the instructions contained within the attachment to register for a ticket to gain access to the event.

Egils Praulitis

Interim Chair



26/07/17 7164 AN201-AN015, AW038-039, AW041, AW052 Rogue Traders

Please be aware of Rogue Traders operating in the area. At approximately 2pm on Tuesday 25 July, two males have cold-called a residence on Balmoral Way, Weston-super-Mare, and have pressurised the elderly residents into having work done on their guttering. The offenders refused to stop work or leave when asked by a relative of the couple and the police have then removed them.

Be wary of all cold-callers offering to do work on your home, as they can offer over-priced or unnecessary services, or put pressure on residents to agree to the work, as has happened on this occasion. Traders must give you a written quote from the business address, which should include a 14-day cancellation period before the work starts. You should always use recognised companies or people who have been recommended to you by a trusted source. If you contact the police with information about this incident, please quote Reference number: 5217170155

Attached document: not-sure-don't-open-the-door.pdf

If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Police on 101. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


BCU23 18072017 Somerset

Message sent on behalf of Deputy Chief Constable Sarah Crew:

Further to my previous message I am pleased to announce the Avon and Somerset Neighbourhood Watch Association now have the ability to contact you and support your valuable work in the community. They will be in contact in the coming weeks, but I want to encourage all members of Neighbourhood Watch to make contact with the Association and start the discussion around the fantastic opportunities they could bring to further develop the partnership between local policing teams and NHW.

They want to know what matters most to you and will be working hard with us to build and improve the way NHW and Avon and Somerset Constabulary positively affect your community. Contacting them is easy, either via their website, (there is a contact form at the bottom of their home page), or by calling 03330 142815.

Give your feedback (positive or negative) to help shape the future of Neighbourhood Watch. With your assistance I am confident this Association will be a valuable resource for Watches, please make the most of it.

N243 17072017 AN004, Nailsea

Between 8-14 July a burglary occurred at Westway, Nailsea. Victim returned home to find the rear door unlocked. A search had been made inside the property.

BCU22 16062017 Somerset Co-ordinators

Message From Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Sarah Crew - to all NHW subscribers

Following on from the news of their recent launch, we are pleased to announce we will be providing details of coordinators and deputies to the Avon and Somerset Neighbourhood Watch Association. This will enable them to better support Neighbourhood Watch across the Constabulary area. The Neighbourhood Watch Network, though independent, is Home Office funded and is a key partner for policing. Once this is complete you will be able to receive messages from them to better understand how they plan to support Neighbourhood Watch, as well as the resources and events available through them. If you are receiving this and are not a member of Neighbourhood Watch please let us know, so we change your status on our system.

We are excited by the prospect of our partnership with the Association and it is perfect timing to be completing this during Neighbourhood Watch week. There are discussions taking place about resources and assistance for Neighbourhood Watch that will ensure Neighbourhood Co-ordinators across the Constabulary are better supported and have the opportunity to be more involved in their community, if they wish to do so. We will be helping the Association provide the support you want from them, so we would encourage you to engage with them and help make this the success we know it can be. You can find out more details about the Association through, or by calling 03330 142815.

N209 16062017 North Somerset


A public forum will be held with PCC Sue Mountstevens, Chief Constable Andy Marsh and local Chief Inspector Tina Robinson at the Healthy Living Centre, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 3SJ.

Meeting will be on Tuesday 20 June. From 6.45pm (arrival) to finish at 9pm.

Questions should be submitted in advance by Email or by phoning 01275 816377

Please book seat(s) by using the following link:

or by phone on 01275 816377.

BCU21 12062017 Somerset

The following message is sent on behalf of the Chief Constable Andy Marsh and Police & Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens:

We would like to personally thank all Co-ordinators and contact points for the hard work being done in your respective Watch Scheme. Your time is very much appreciated and you really do make a difference.

Your choice to give something back to your local community is generous and inspiring to those around you.

Watch Schemes have long been valuable partners to the Constabulary and local communities. This is being further enhanced by the recent creation of the Avon and Somerset Neighbourhood Watch Association – for those of you in Neighbourhood Watch you can find out more at or telephone 03330-142815.

Thank you for your personal commitment, for the positive messages you take back to family and friends about our organisation and the work we do. You are an intrinsic part of the police family and we are better at serving our communities with your support.

Andy Marsh Sue Mountstevens

Chief Constable Police & Crime Commissioner

BCU20 08062017 Somerset

Please find attached document publicising a group of volunteers called 'Circles' - their aim is to prevent sexual abuse by helping reduce the risk of further sexual offending by a known perpetrator. This group is a registered charity and supported by the Constabulary and Crime Commissioner.


N185 05062017 North Somerset

A public forum will be held with PCC Sue Mountstevens, Chief Constable Andy Marsh and local Chief Inspector Tina Robinson at the Healthy Living Centre, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 3SJ.

Meeting will be on Tuesday 20 June. From 6.45pm (arrival) to finish at 9pm.

Questions should be submitted in advance by Email or by phoning 01275 816377

Please book seat(s) by using the following link: or 

by phone on 01275 816377.

BCU18 Force NHW Association

Following our message earlier this week please find attached amended publication relating to the launch of the Association. If you are unable to open the attachment, or wish to have paper copy please contact the NHW office.


BCU17 24052017

Following the recent incidents in Manchester, the following is the latest update from our Chief Constable, Andy Marsh.

Our thoughts remain with the loved ones of those who were killed and injured in the heinous attack on Monday.

Last night (23/5) the threat level of international terrorism in the UK was raised to ‘critical’ – meaning another attack may be imminent.

This is a national threat level and is based on intelligence that is considered credible and specific. As a result, military personnel will be deployed alongside police at a number of locations across the country. This is to free up armed officers from certain duties and to enable them to support the wider UK policing response to the tragic events in Manchester.

There is currently no known threat to the South West and it is unlikely members of the public will see military on the streets of Avon and Somerset although the situation is being kept under constant review.

As a precautionary measure we have increased the number of officers on duty to provide a highly visible, reassurance presence - both armed and unarmed - across the force area and we will do this for as long as is needed.

We have long and well-established plans in place to deal with attacks of this nature and we rehearse them regularly with partners to ensure we are as ready as we possibly can be. We’re doing everything possible to keep people safe.

The public are reminded to remain alert but not alarmed and to report any suspicious behaviour or activity to us on 101 or to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321. In an emergency the public should always call 999.

BCU16 23052017

The below message is sent on behalf of the Chief Constable Andy Marsh, following the events in Manchester last evening.

This was a tragic event and our hearts go out to the loved ones of those who were killed and injured.

The sustained and determined threat of terrorism casts a shadow across all our communities and our priority is to reassure them that we’re doing everything we can to keep them safe.

Prior to this appalling incident, plans were already in hand to review our local security arrangements for venues and crowded places.

We have rigorous major incident plans in place which are regularly tested and reviewed during exercises with partner agencies such as ambulance, health and fire to ensure we are as prepared as we possibly can be.

At times like these it’s more important than ever that we stand together as a community and unite against this kind of horrific attack.

BCU15 23052017 Somerset

Please find attached message with information about the Avon & Somerset Neighbourhood Watch Association for your information.


N174 17052017 Newsletter

Please find attached latest version of the NHW newsletter in both Word and pdf versions for your interest and for you to pass on to your members.

Those who have already requested paper copies will find them arriving shortly - if you've not already requested these and would like some please contact this office. Please paper copies are distributed on the basis of one per five households registered to your scheme.


BCU14 12052017 Somerset

We have just been forwarded the latest copy of the Senior Siren Magazine in electronic form. This is attached to the message for your information and onward transmission as you see fit.

N158 08052017 AN001, Portishead

Overnight 6-7 May burglary at Clevedon Road, Portishead. Glass panel in the door broken to be able to reach through to the door lock. Once inside tools were stolen including angle grinder and hand tools.

During evening of 5 May damage caused to vehicle in Phoenix Way.

N128 20042017 AN004, Nailsea

Incident reported on 19 April but occurred between 14-16 April. Entry forced into a garage at Blandford Close, Nailsea and a pedal cycle stolen.

On 19 April theft of items from a shop in High Street.

N094 03042017 AN004, Nailsea

Between 31 March-1 April a burglary occurred at High Street, Nailsea. Entry was gained by forcing open a door and breaking an alarm. Tools were stolen.

BCU12 02042017 Somerset

Devon & Somerset Fire Brigade have asked that a warning go out regarding safety of tumble dryers and a copy of their document is attached for your information.


• tumble-dryer-advice.docx

• tumble-dryer-advice.pdf

BCU12 23032017 Somerset

The Force recently launched a dedicated text line for incoming non-urgent information relating to rural crime which has proved very successful. The project is to continue but with a brand new and long-term number 07492 888109 (if you have previously saved 81819 please now delete and replace with this new number).

This is NOT a number to use to report crime or to call for police assistance and it will not be monitored 24/7.

The number can be used to report information of people/vehicles seen behaving suspiciously in the rural community, potentially stolen goods etc. 

Alternatively You can report a crime online via our website or if it's a crime which requires immediate police attendance then dial 999.

You can still also pass on information anonymously via the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

BCU11 17032017 Somerset

The Avon and Somerset Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC), Sue Mountstevens, wishes to establish a Scrutiny of Police Powers Panel.

The Panel will act as ‘critical friend’ to the PCC and to Avon & Somerset Constabulary providing feedback on the use of police powers.

The PCC is looking for independent local people to help her monitor the use of police powers such as stop and search, Taser and use of force by the police.

The PCC feels it is important that not only are the public’s views represented in policing, but that local people trust and have confidence in their police service and she believes this new Panel will help in delivering this.

• Posters attached;

• The PCC website has further information about the role and application pack documents - see link below;

• Closing date for applications is 12 April 2017;

To download an application pack please visit or contact the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner on 01275 816377.

Attachments: (Note there is no hyperlink to the files below)





BCU10 16032017 Somerset

The Neighbourhood Watch office has obtained some No Cold Calling door stickers. These state that the householder does not buy from or sell to callers at the door and they are designed to go on the INSIDE of windows.
Stocks are VERY limited and we would ask that you only order sufficient numbers for members who actually require them and are able to display on the inside of a window near to their main door.
To order contact Lindsey in the NHW office either by 'replying' to this message or by telephone on 01278-644799.

BCU9 06032017 Somerset

This is a general crime reduction warning. Some parts of the Avon and Somerset Constabulary area have been subject of high value burglaries where gold and jewellery items have been targeted. This not currently an issue in this part of Somerset however there is potential for this type of offence to spread to this area.

Please keep your valuables in a secure place and make sure that all suspicious activity is reported when it is noticed direct to the 101 number, or in an emergency such as an offence taking place call 999.

Advisory leaflets are attached and below:


  • dont-turn-your-home-into-a-gold-mine-280217.pdf

BCU8 14022017 Somerset

Romance Fraud - as part of the Cyber Crime Awareness month we would like to remind you that there are a number of scams that occur locally and nationwide - some of which relate to 'romance scams'.

According to the reported figures from Action Fraud, a romance fraud is reported every three hours in the UK. That’s an astounding figure, especially when we know that a lot of romance frauds go unreported. The figures also indicate a victim loses, on average £10,000.

To find out more on preventing these crimes, we suggest checking out the website

BCU7 13022017 Nottingham Knockers

Some parts of the force area have seen an increase in door to door callers, often trying to sell cleaning and kitchen equipment. We are taking this opportunity to remind you all that you should not have dealings with callers at the door. Likewise don't respond to letters or Emails from unknown sources or have dealings with cold callers on the phone.

If you are looking for someone to provide goods or services then please make local enquiries with companies that you know and trust. Your local Trading Standards office can often help with details of reputable tradesmen.

Please remember it’s your door step, it’s your decision. All suspicious callers should be reported to the police using either the 101 or 999 numbers.

N030 23012017 Newsletter

Please find attached latest issue of the Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter in both Word and pdf format which you are welcome to circulate to your members.

For those of you who have already booked paper copies of this publication these are already on their way. Please note that paper copies are distributed on the basis of one per five households registered in your scheme and are available to those who either have already requested them or would like to receive some.


BCU5 20012017 Somerset

Vehicle crime is often preventable. Simple precautions include:

* Lock all doors and windows whenever you leave the vehicle unattended

* Make sure that the key is always taken out of the ignition, set alarm and immobiliser

* Make sure that vehicle keys are stored in a safe place and not left visible in the home

* Don’t leave any items on display in the vehicle as this can encourage the would-be criminal to break in. If you can’t remove all items, then make sure they are kept out of sight.

BCU4 18012017 Somerset

Securing your garden - check fences are in good condition, use thorny hedges and plants around the boundaries to deter access; cut back vegetation that may shield an unwanted caller from view. Securing sheds, garages and outbuildings is as important as securing your home. Ensure all tools and equipment are put away in a secure building. Use good quality locks, chains and alarms where appropriate.

BCU3 17012017 Somerset

Crime reduction message:

There is a range of property marking options available including permanent forensic marking solutions, engraving, permanent marker/paint. Choose an option (or options) best suited to you and if you are looking at marking high value items such as art and antiques seek advice from an expert.

Record property on the national property database which can help deter thieves and increase your chances of getting property returned.

N0545 21122016 AN004, Nailsea

During the morning of 7 December a burglary occurred at barns Close, Nailsea. Male witnessed trying to access property and vehicles. Garden equipment stolen.

13-14 December vehicle parked at The Perrings was broken into. Same evening vehicle broken into at Church Hayes Drive and property stolen. Same evening vehicle at Newton Green broken into and tools stolen.

BCU23 19122016 Somerset message

As Christmas approaches there are plenty of new gadgets that parents and carers may be thinking about buying for their children. But before you wrap up your presents, have you checked out the safety features?

The following links will help

Tech gifts general

Various Internet providers

Various Devices

Smart TV’s

Forwarded on behalf of Kate Blackburn, Youth Project Co-ordinator

BCU22 05122016 Somerset

BCU22 05122016 Somerset - message from Chief Superintendent Ian Wylie, Somerset Police Commander and a festive E-card for you.

Dear Neighbourhood Watch Member,

As we approach the festive season, I wanted to take the opportunity to personally thank you for your contribution to keeping our communities safe particularly the more vulnerable. Neighbourhood Watch provides an additional layer of reassurance for residents across the County and enables them to pull together as a community to support each other and in so doing provide a priceless support to the wider policing services.

As the policing budget continues to be squeezed, the necessity to draw upon the support of the wider community has never been more vital. Sir Robert Peel once famously said that the public are the police and the police are the public and as Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinators you define his definition perfectly.

Once again, thank you for your valuable contribution, I can assure you that it is very much appreciated by your communities, local officers and by me personally as your Area Commander.

May I wish you a very happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope that you enjoy some festive time with your family and friends.

With my very best wishes

Ian Wylie

Chief Superintendent

Somerset Policing Commander

N0534 30112016 AN015, town centre

Overnight of 27-28 November a non dwelling break occurred at Millier Road, Cleeve. Entry gained to an insecure garage at the property and items stolen include a cement mixer, 30 cans of coke and a small handgun that shoots pellets.

During the early hours of 28 November a commercial property in Rodney Road, Backwell was broken into and an attempt made to break into a secure cigarette display cabinet.

N0532 30112016 AN004

Overnight of 27-28 November a burglary occurred at Wyatts Close, Nailsea. Entry gained into the property and items stolen include cash and alcohol.

Overnight of 28-29 November burglary occurred at Blandford Close, Nailsea. Entry gained through insecure door. Search took place and a laptop stolen.

Overnight of 28-29 November burglary occurred at Hazelbury Road, Nailsea. Entry gained through insecure door, a search took place and purse stolen.

Overnight of 28-29 November vehicle broken into at Burrington Close, Nailsea and another at Hazelbury Road.

Reports also received of theft of milk from doorsteps in Hazelbury Road.

BCU020 15112016 Counterfeit Currency

Police have received information that there are counterfeit £10 notes in circulation. Bank of England produce information leaflets called 'Take a Closer Look' - link to their website is:

For those who do not have access to the website and wish to have an advisory leaflet please contact the NHW office.

Additionally the police across the South West are having a crack down on people using mobile phones while driving and will be pro-active across the Southwest during this operation. See the press release at


N0495 14112016 AN007, Yeo Vale

During the morning of 13 November a garage at Hewish, Weston Super mare was broken into. Attempt made to remove quad bike and trial bike. In process of this damage was also caused to a mini in the garage.

BCU17 09112016 Somerset


It is important to remember that all crime and suspicious activity should be reported to the police. Numbers to use are:

999 Including emergencies which are life-threatening, in fear of safety, crime in progress, bogus callers.

101 To report incidents that require non urgent police attention including reporting of crime, suspicious activity, intelligence.

0800-555111 To report suspicious activity and intelligence matters anonymously through Crimestoppers

01278-644799 NHW office – ONLY for administrative matters such as amendment of co-ordinator details, ordering leaflets etc.

You can also report crime, suspected crime, make general enquiries, complaints or contact Crimestoppers via the Police website:

N0490 08112016 North Somerset

North Somerset NHW

Following requests made earlier this year for information on a rogue trader we are pleased to be able to let you know that this person has now given an undertaking to the Trading Standards Department that they will not cold call at properties displaying no cold calling type stickers or who are residing in No cold Calling Zones. This would not have been achieved without the assistance of the Neighbourhood Watch and both the police and trading standards would like to thank everyone who forwarded information.

They would like to reiterate that if you receive further literature or calls from 'Dave Tee Antique Specialist’ that should be reported to the North Somerset Trading Standards immediately (FAO Ben Hayes, 01275-888621) or alternatively to the police on 101 for the information of Inspector Bennett at Weston Super Mare.

N0487 08112016 AN004, Nailsea

During the afternoon of 5 November a burglary occurred at Flax Bourton Road, Failand. Unknown male was found to be standing in the open doorway and when challenged made off. Nothing appears stolen.

During the afternoon of 3 November damage caused to a vehicle at Station Road, Nailsea.

N0466 24102016 AN004, Nailsea

Between 17-21 October a property at Ridgeway was broken into. Access gained by forcing open a downstairs window. A search took place and money boxes stolen.

Between 16-22 October damage caused to the roof of a property in Southfield Road.

N0445 11102016 AN004, burglary

Between 24 September and 10 October an attempt burglary occurred at a property in Trendlewood Way, Nailsea. Attempts had been made to gain access through a window causing damage. Nothing was stolen.

N0430 06102016 AN004, Nailsea

Around about lunchtime on 5 October a burglary occurred at a property in Lodge Lane, Nailsea. Entry was gained through a utility room door, a search took place and the contents of a safe stolen.

During the afternoon of 5 October attempt made to gain access to a property in Trendlewood Way. Damage was caused to a door frame but there was no entry.

N0408 23092016 AN004, Nailsea

Just before midnight on 21 September an attempt was made to break into a property in Mayflower Gardens, Nailsea. Offender(s) climbed onto an extension in order to reach an open upper window but it is thought they were disturbed and made off. Nothing was stolen.

N0374 12092016 North Somerset

Please find attached copy of the Watch Scheme Newsletter for Autumn 2016. This has been forwarded in both Word and pdf version so that you can use whichever you prefer. If you have previously booked paper copies of this publication these will be with you in the next few days - if you would like to book copies (done on the basis of one per 5 houses in your scheme) then please contact Lindsey at the NHW office.


N0364 06092016 AN004, Nailsea

During the evening of 5 September a burglary occurred at Colliers Walk, Nailsea. It is thought that entry was gained through an insecure rear door. A set of keys appear to have been stolen.

Overnight of 4-5 September lead was stolen from the roof of a property at Station Road.

BCU16 Senior Siren

For those who may be having problems opening the link we gave you for this magazine we have been given a link that will take you direct to their website, from where there is a link to the latest edition of the magazine.

N0340 24082016 AN004, Nailsea

During the morning of 23 August damage was caused to the wing mirror of a vehicle parked in Old Church Road.

On 22 August theft from a shop occurred at Somerset Square

On 23 August theft from a shop in Bristol Road, Wraxall

BCU15 12082016 Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is a safe and controlled process that enables victims to meet or communicate with their offender to talk about what happened, the impact, and for those involved to find positive ways to move forward. This gives the victim a voice, holds offenders to account and encourages them to take responsibility for their actions. It has proved to be a very useful tool for those crimes that can be dealt with in this way, and colleagues who deal with this are keen to promote its benefits through the community. To this end we have attached a copy of a flyer promoting Restorative Justice and hope that you will be able to forward this to your members – hard copies of this publication are available from Lindsey in the NHW office.


N0326 10082016 AN004, Nailsea

This is a brief overview of some of the incidents that have occurred in your area recently whilst the office was closed:

Between 28 July and 2 August a burglary occurred at Silver Street, Nailsea. A window was broken to gain access and a search made inside.

Between 29 July and 1 August a burglary occurred at Beechwood Road, Nailsea. A window was forced open to gain access and a search made inside.

9 August damage caused to a vehicle parked in Queens Road.

Several incidents of thefts from shops (shoplifting).

N0324 09082016 North Somerset

This message is sent on behalf of the police and North Somerset District Council to warn residents to be careful about using charity donation bags. Please be aware that not all such bags are used to raise money directly for the nominated organisation. In some instances only a proportion of the money raised goes to the organisation, and at times it is believed that bags are actually not representing organisations that they purport to.

Advice is simple, if you would like to support a charity/organisation by making such donations, it is best done by making a delivery direct to them - you will find that many have shops or collection points locally.

N0299 07072016 Somerset North

Officers at Weston would like to make you aware that there have been calls received relating to a company around the area doing jobs for residents that are either not required or not done to satisfactory standard.

These were cold calls from males who insisted on cash payments for the jobs. Both complainants received receipts for the money paid but the address on it does not exist.

Please reiterate to members that they should not have dealings with callers at the door and should never agree to have work done, allow strangers into the property etc. If they feel threatened by such callers they should call the police immediately using the 999 system. If residents have received contact in recent days from callers as described above then please contact your local Trading Standards office at North Somerset Council, Telephone 01275-888631.

N0287 05072016 AN004, vehicle crime

Between 2-4 July a coach parked at Blackfriars Road, Nailsea was targeted. Two batteries were stolen from the engine compartment.

Between 1-4 July damage was caused to a property in St Mary's Grove and a play tyre stolen.

BCU11 20062016 Somerset

Please find attached document sent to you on behalf of Chief Constable Andy Marsh and Police & Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens.


N0170 18042016 AN004, Nailsea

Overnight of 14-15 April criminal damage was caused to a school property in Station Road, Nailsea. Windows were broken at the property but no access gained.

Also over the weekend criminal damage was caused to vehicles parked in Stock Way South.

Warning message:

Police have been advised that between 18-24 April a series of canvassers may call in the area on behalf of the Great Western Air Ambulance Lottery. Canvassers will have identity cards with them and will wear clothing displaying the Air Ambulance logo. If they call in the area this will generally be done from 10.30am to 8pm during weekdays and occasionally at the weekend.

Police remind members that they do not recommend any particular company, they do not encourage any unsolicited callers (even if they work for registered charities). If, as individuals you wish to support any worthwhile cause, you are of course welcome to do so but please remember the warnings relating to cold callers.

AN0156 11042016 North Somerset

Following on from our message dated 8 April, this is a reminder from Inspector Bennett and Ben Hayes.

The Police and Trading Standards work together to protect residents of North Somerset from being targeted by Rogue Traders. There are several ways you can help them to do this;

• Please report any leaflets/flyers you get through the door advertising for local services

• Let us know if there are any cold callers to your area by persons touting for work like gardening/House repair/drive way work

• If you have neighbours who are having work done, and you are worried about them let us know – we can make discreet enquiries to make sure they are okay

• If you co-ordinate a scheme that would like some window stickers or door stickers which promote our campaign contact the Trading Standards department at the council offices

• Any fly tipping or other suspicious sighting or information please also tell us

This information needs to be emailed to Insp Bennett or Ben Hayes who from 11-15 April will be personally monitoring this information:

(Trading Standards)

OR To contact by telephone:

Inspector Sharon Bennett - via general police 101 number

Ben Hayes, Trading Standards office 01934 888 888 during office hours

AN0145 06042016 AN004, Nailsea

During the evening of 5 April a burglary took place at a property in Southfield Road, Nailsea. Damage was caused to a rear window to gain access. A search took place and a safe located within the property. The safe was broken into and personal documents stolen.

AN0126 22032016 AN004, Nailsea

Overnight of 18-19 March a burglary occurred at a property in Morgans Hill Close. A keysafe has been forced off of a wall outside of the property and it is presumed that the keys used to gain access into the property but nothing appears to be stolen.

AN0090 08032016 North Somerset

Further to the information sent out on 4 March about a person calling house to house asking to purchase antiques - Inspector Bennett would like to thank residents for all the information that has been forwarded relating to this matter. Further information has been received today and officers are currently actively in the area looking for the person concerned.

Officers would also like to draw your attention to the fact that there have been a couple of incidents reported recently that involve people in supermarket car parks. Incidents relate to people being approached whilst loading shopping into the car. They get distracted by someone speaking to them, usually a woman, holding a map and saying that they are lost. Whilst helping them with directions, the stranger has with slight of hand stolen purses from handbags.

Whilst we do not wish you to become overly concerned over this type of crime, please take a little extra care when shopping to make sure that you do not leave bags, purses etc in a vulnerable or unattended manner. If approached by someone in this manner please ensure that you close the doors on your vehicle to prevent easy reach, perhaps suggest to them that they call in to a local shop for directions. If you think that someone has stopped you with the intention of stealing your goods/possessions please call the matter in to the police (101 or 999) immediately.

AN0088 07032016 AN004, Nailsea

Between 3-5 March a burglary occurred at a property in Silverlow Road, Nailsea. Access was gained through a rear door and jewellery stolen.

BCU0005 04032016 Non Dwelling Breaks

This is the time of year when historically there is an increase in the theft of items from sheds, garages, barns, stables etc. This message is sent as a reminder to all members regarding security of this type. Recent crimes have highlighted lawn mowers, ride-on mowers, tools, fuel and pedal cycles amongst items stolen.

Please take a few minutes to check the security of property and make any necessary maintenance. Making sure that locks are properly fitted and used, alarms are in good order and are set, tools/machinery/cycles etc are property marked and secured whenever possible can help to prevent you becoming a victim of crime.

We do have limited copies of a leaflet available with general crime reduction advice that you can order through Lindsey in the NHW office or an abbreviated pdf version is attached.


AN0084 04032016 Rogue Trader

Concern has been expressed locally regarding an unsolicited caller who is distributing leaflets in the area (copy attached). The leaflet refers to some listed as 'Dave Tee Antique Specialist' and is asking about purchasing items from householders. The only telephone number listed on the sheet is a mobile number. Whilst it is not clear whether this person/company is committing any offences, there is concern over the 'hard sell' tactics that are being employed when calling door to door.

Police would like to know if you or your neighbours have had any such leaflets delivered, and particularly any follow-up calls at the door. Please forward your details through the police on 101, or via the website or indeed through your local beat officers.

Also please take a little time to look out for any vulnerable residents who may be subject of such callers. If there are unknown callers that appear suspicious, or indeed a van removing items from premises then please call this immediately to the police but use the 999 system.


Source: Avon and Somerset Constabulary 


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