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Constitution - Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch (NNHW)




The name of the Watch is Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch (NNHW).


The aims of Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch are:

(1) To promote for the benefit of the people of Nailsea, good citizenship, community safety and greater public participation in the prevention and solution of crime.

(2) To provide effective two-way communication with the Police.

(3) To be non-political party and non-sectarian in religion and operate an equal opportunities policy.

(4) To liaise with other Neighbourhood Watches, Police liaison committees/groups and other voluntary and statutory bodies.


(1) Membership of NNHW shall be open to all residents of Nailsea and adjacent villages not covered by another 'Watch', who support our aims and pays the relevant subscription (a "Member").

(2) Members must belong to an individual scheme, covering their street(s), which is run by a Coordinator. Coordinators must be registered with the Police for a scheme to exist and signs erected. Coordinators are required to keep a record of all members in their scheme.

(3) Members of a scheme without a Coordinator will cease to belong to Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch.

(4) All members may be asked to pay an annual subscription as determined at an AGM. If subscriptions are required, they shall be paid in advance by 31st December each year in a manner prescribed by the Committee.


(1) A Member may cease to belong to Neighbourhood Watch by informing the Coordinator of their scheme.

(2) A Coordinator may resign by notifying the Secretary in writing or email.


(1) A Member may cease to belong to Neighbourhood Watch by informing the Coordinator of their scheme.

(2) A Coordinator may resign by notifying the Secretary in writing or email.


(1)The AGM will be held in June or July, the date being notified to Members in writing or email not less than 28 days before the date of the meeting.

(2) The business shall include:

(a) Reports from the Chairperson and Treasurer

(b) Election of Officers and members of the Committee

(c)Any other business required by the Committee

(d)Any other business submitted in writing or email by a Member to the Meetings Secretary not less than 28 days prior to the AGM.

(3)An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be convened to conduct any business which may otherwise be transacted at an AGM. An EGM shall be convened by the Meetings Secretary within 42 days from the receipt of a written or emailed proposal for such a meeting by a Member and supported by 10 other Members.

(4) Minutes will be produced to record General Meeting business.

(5) A quorum at a General Meeting of NNHW, unless otherwise stated in these rules, shall comprise 15 Members.


(1) Any matter to be decided at a Committee meeting or General Meeting of NNHW, unless otherwise provided in these rules shall be determined by a simple majority of those members present.

(2) Each Member shall have one vote but if there is an equality of the votes the Chairperson shall have the casting vote in addition to any other vote he or she may have.


(1) Regular meetings will be held each year for the benefit of all Members.

(2)Meetings should include, but will not be limited to, a guest speaker and a report from the Local Neighbourhood Police team.


(1) NNHW shall maintain a Bank or Building Society account(s) as approved by the Committee.

(2) The Annual Accounts of NNHW shall be submitted prior to the AGM for certification to a person appointed by the Members. The certified accounts shall be presented to the Members for approval at the next AGM.


The Committee will ensure that Public Liability Insurance is provided.


Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by the Committee at any time; however, such amendments must be ratified at a General Meeting before they come into force.


(1) The dissolution of Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch must be agreed at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

(2) If the Members agree to dissolve Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch, the Committee will remain in office and be responsible for winding up the affairs in accordance with this clause

(3)The EGM must be called by the Meetings Secretary within 56 days of receipt of a written or emailed proposal by a Member and supported by 30 other Members. Members will be given the opportunity to vote by proxy, which must be received by the Meetings Secretary not less than seven days prior to the EGM.

(4) The EGM, called with the intention of dissolving Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch, shall be quorate provided that 15 Members attend.

(5) Any assets owned by NNHW will be sold.

(6) Final audited accounts will be made available for public inspection.

(7) After all expenses of dissolution have been paid, the balance will be donated to CrimeStoppers (South West), or similar local organisation.

(8) In no circumstances shall the assets of NNHW be paid to or distributed amongst Members or the Committee.



Name: Jeremy Blatchford Signature: 

Meetings Secretary

Name: Ken Hallett Signature:

Issue 13th January 2022