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The Police and Crime Plans are now available on the PCC web site (link to the current copy above). A hard copy of the North Somerset Plan can be obtained from Nailsea Police station.

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Sue Mountstevens Priorities

 Ms Mountstevens believes you have the right to be safe and feel safe in your community and is pledging to:

- Tackle anti-social behaviour.
- Tackle violent crime, particularly against women and girls.
- Tackle burglary.
- To give victims a louder voice, especially the 'quiet ones'.

Reduce the impact that anti-social behaviour has in our communities
I want to enable you to live without fear of harassment, abuse, or threatening behaviour.  I will do this by supporting joined up approaches to tackling the issues affecting your area.  I will focus in particular, on reducing risk to the most vulnerable and repeat victims.

Prevent and reduce violence, particularly violence towards women and girls
I want to ensure that all victims get the help they need when they need it.  I will do this by encouraging and enabling reporting, supporting early intervention and improving access to support and services, particularly amongst those most vulnerable to harm.

Prevent and reduce crime in your area, particularly burglary offences
 I want to further reduce crime and improve feelings of safety in your area, with particular focus on domestic and commercial burglary.  I will work to tackle the causes of crime and support joined up prevention, enforcement, rehabilitation and criminal justice approaches to youth and adult offending.

Ensure victims are at the heart of the criminal justice system
I want to improve victim satisfaction with and influence over the services they receive.  I will do this by developing an integrated approach to victim services that has the voice of victims at its heart.  I will be a fierce advocate for all victims, and young people in particular, who are more likely to be victims of crime than any other group.

Source: Avon & Somerset PCC website