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Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch 


Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch was started in 1991 and is one of the most successful and active 'Watches' in North Somerset. There are now over 160 individual schemes registered with the Police, covering 3,900 homes. Nailsea was awarded a Certificate of Commendation in 1999 for good service to Neighbourhood Watch.  There is a low level of crime in Nailsea, partly due to the coverage of Neighbourhood Watch throughout the town.
We operate a two-tier structure in Nailsea. The Area Coordinator chairs a Committee which manages the Watch business. Individual schemes are run by local Co-ordinators who provide a single point of contact between the Police and members of that scheme - typically the households in one street.

Information about public meetings, the AGM, newsletters, Schemes, the Christmas Social, information from the Police, National Neighbourhood & Home Watch and other Agencies can all be found here and in our newsletter.

There are many benefits of belonging to Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch:


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