Please be aware that this website will not be updated from 1st September 2022, unless a volunteer comes forward to manage the site. See XX STOP PRESS XX

Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch was started in 1991 and is one of the most successful and active 'Watches' in North Somerset. There are now over 140 individual schemes registered with the Police, covering 3,400 homes. Nailsea was awarded a Certificate of Commendation in 1999 for good service to Neighbourhood Watch.  There is a low level of crime in Nailsea, partly due to the coverage of Neighbourhood Watch throughout the town.

We operate a two-tier structure in Nailsea. The Area Coordinator chairs a Committee which manages the Watch business. Individual schemes are run by local Coordinators who provide a single point of contact between the Police and members of that scheme - typically the households in one street.

Information about public meetings, the AGM, newsletters, Schemes, the Christmas Social, information from the Police, National Neighbourhood & Home Watch and other Agencies can all be found here and in our newsletter (unfortunately, Newsletters & the Christmas Social have been suspended from 2020 due to lack of support).

If your road has not got a Coordinator please consider volunteering, we will provide support in getting a new scheme started. Please use the Contact Us option above.

There are many benefits of belonging to Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch:

  • You will become familiar with crime reduction and detection ideas which will help keep your home and belongings safe.
  • You will be able to attend four public meetings (including the AGM in June) each year with guest speakers.
  • Previously we produced five colour Newsletters per year. Unfortunately, the Editor could not continue and we haven't been able to find a replacement. Therefore from June 2020 Newsletters have been suspended.
  • Street signs are provided to heighten awareness that a 'watch' operates in the area.
  • Your scheme Coordinator will receive Police Alerts, which will be circulated to you, if relevant, to advice you of issues affecting Nailsea, such as Scams, break-ins, etc. The Police Alerts can also be seen from the Directory Menu above.
  • The extra security which belonging to a Neighbourhood Watch scheme offers might even mean that you can get a premium discount from your insurance Company.
  • Regular public meetings are held in the United Reformed Church Hall, Stockway North, Nailsea BS48 1QA and these are attended by our Local Neighbourhood Police Team.