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 Neighbourhood Watch sign

Let us know if you have missing or damaged street signs, and we will supply replacements.

Please contact via the Contact Us option.

The North Somerset Council has confirmed that if a street lamp post with a NHW Street Sign is replaced by a contractor then they must replace the NHW sign as well. If anyone notices that this has not happened would they please use the Contact Us option via the website.

NB. As from 1st January 2015, the Police are no longer erecting our street signs. It is now the responsibility of the Scheme Coordinator.


All NHW Street Signs should have permission to be erected from the relevant authorities: these include BT and North Somerset Council (Streetlighting), as well as advising the Council Planning Dept.

Note: Electricity Company (Western Power) may not give permission for any sign to be erected on their poles - any existing signs will not be replaced without permission.

Existing signs did not have formal permissions and to address this we carried out a survey of all Nailsea NHW Street Signs to determine where they had been fitted. In March 2017 we passed the results to the Police NHW Administrator, and the N-Somerset Streetlighting Department to ratify.

New or Replacement NHW signs will continue to be supplied by the Nailsea NHW.

For guidance on how to obtain permission to erect a new sign or to determine whether an existing sign has permission to be replaced please use the Contact Us option.

Signs should be attached to lampposts at a minimum height of 2.2 metres (7ft) on a normal highway footpath, or a minimum height of 2.4 metres (7ft 11") on a Cycle Way.

Free Public Liability Insurance is provided by National Neighbourhood Watch for all Neighbourhood and Home Watch (NHW) volunteers to carry out their roles without fear of personal loss across England and Wales. The policy runs from April to March and is renewed annually. For further details see the National NHW website.