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08/07/20 9788 AN004: Update from Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (For information)

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions our AGM which was scheduled for 24th June has had to be postponed indefinitely.

A new date will be announced as soon as a suitable venue can be found and social distancing rules applicable at that time achievable. A notice period of at least twenty eight days will be given and nomination applications for Committee positions will be able to be accepted by email to or via the Contact Us option from the Nailsea NHW website: /_contact.html.

The June edition of the Newsletter was only produced in electronic format (again due to Covid-19 restrictions). It can be viewed on our website

The April edition of which some members did not receive in paper format is also available there to be downloaded.

From the ‘home’ page a list of sub-menus can be found on the left hand side and ‘newsletters’ can be selected.

As of this time we have had no response to our request for new editors. Because of this the June edition will be the last one.

Co-ordinators are permitted to forward emails to their own members, but due to GDPR guide lines we as an Association are not allowed to request contact details of other coordinators or members of other schemes. The Association does not hold the email addresses of members. Because of this:

Updates and up to date information can be accessed from our website.

We do hope that everyone is staying safe and fit and that...


*The above message is purely for your information, this will not in any way change how you receive Community Alert messages from myself, Paul Johnson, NHW Administrator A&S*

(added 08/07/2020 - Web page links have been amended to access the correct web pages)

30/06/20 9788 Somerset Monthly Crime Figure Update

Dear Members,

We are changing the way we send you the crime figures that you receive every month. In future we invite you to visit Simply type in your address / postcode in the box at the top of the page you will be taken to your local neighbourhood policing team webpage. This will not only give you the crime figures, but also shows you the members of your local team, the local policing priorities and a way of contacting your team. You can also click on a link to see information for other areas of the Avon & Somerset constabulary. Please allow up to 30 days for the previous months statistics to become available. (added 30/06/2020)

June 2020 Newsletter

There will not be a printed version of the June Newsletter but a website version is available here where you can also see some previous issues. We are sorry to write that this will be the last newsletter to be produced as no one has come forward to volunteer for the post of Editor. (added 08/06/2020)

Police Opening Times Due to COVID-19

Please refer to Police Station Opening Time section on our website: /index/policeinformation/policestationopeningtimes.html for general information and for Nailsea Police Station in particular: (amended 27/03/2020)

26/02/20 9788 Somerset: Telephone Scams

Dear Members,

There have been a significant number of telephone scams of late, a lot of us will have received the automated message saying your subscription is due for renewal "Please press Option 1". These are scam phone calls and companies such as Amazon will never call a customer outside of their website. If it does not feel right just hang up, you can always call back.

I have attached a copy of the Little Book of Scams for you to read and save.

Attachments: the-little-book-of-big-scams.pdf  (added 26/02/2020)

We have ordered a number of these booklets from A&S Police. If you would like a copy please contact us through the "Contact Us" option above.

  • Re-launched Nailsea NHW Website

You will notice that we have now released a new version of this website with the aim of presenting a more modern display with simple navigation options and to give a more easier and adaptable viewing experience on all devices, including PC and Smartphones (both Android and Apple). If you have any comments please use the "contact us" option and give your feedback. The aim is to provide a more detailed guide in the April 2020 Newsletter. (added 16/02/2020)

  • NHW Street Signs

According to our records all registered schemes now have at least one sign fitted. If your scheme has an old or damaged sign or you think there should be additional signs please contact Colin Oliver ( Please note that no new or replacements signs will be permitted on concrete lamp posts within Nailsea. (revised 17/02/2020)

  • Calendar Updates:

Please have a look at the Calendar from the main menu for Public Meeting details (and cancellations) and any additional Policing events throughout the rest of 2020/2021. 

  • Alerts from Action Fraud:

New: The latest Scam alerts from Action Fraud can now be seen on our website under Crime Prevention + - Scams page or via the left hand menu options.