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  • BT Telephone Scam (Again)

One of our members has just had a phone call from a foreign gentleman who addressed her as 'lady of the house', claimed he was from BT, that we had a problem with our WIFI and that consequently our systems had been hacked and no longer secure. She played along with him for a few minutes, then asked if he knew my name,and at this point the line went dead...

Don't be fooled by these people, always be suspicious, never give out personal information and never, ever your bank details.

  • DVLA refund scam (again)

Emails, texts and telephone calls claiming to be from DVLA have been ongoing for over 3 years. They include texts claiming payment has not been made on vehicle tax or a refund on overpayment is waiting. The scams are designed to trick you into sending your bank details or payment to the scammers.

The messages may be a simple text message or may include links to a website mocked up to look like a DVLA online service.

DVLA don't send emails or text messages with links to websites asking you to confirm your personal details or payment information. The DVLA strongly advise anyone who receives such a request not to open the link and delete the item.

source: (see their list of various scams that are ongoing)

  • 20/11/19 9788 AN004, Possible Bogus Meter Reader (Check ID)

Good Morning,

I have received a message from one of our coordinators to advise that a neighbour had a visit from a man claiming to be from EDF energy supply. She pointed out that she was not with EDF to which the supposed representative stated this did not matter, furthermore there was no official company lanyard on display. The neighbour went on to state they had a Smart Meter at which point the man left in a personal vehicle. The same vehicle was later seen in an adjoining road.

Please ensure you are 100% confident before you allow anyone into your home, always check their ID and if in any doubt ask them to come back and phone the company to check it is legitimate. If it is genuine they will have no problem coming back.

  • Shed/Garage Burglaries

The Police have given warnings that there have been a spate of shed and garage burglaries in South Bristol and North Somerset and have given some prevention advice on their website:

  • NHW Street Signs

We are now advised (10/2019) that no new or replacements signs will be permitted on concrete lamp posts within Nailsea. There is currently a replacement programme to change out all concrete lamp posts with metal ones within two years. When a concrete lamp post is replaced by the contractor they are required to replace the existing sign.

  • Theft of Catalytic Converters is still a problem and one that is on the rise

Message from one of our members:

We were parked up at Long Ashton Park & Ride on Wednesday afternoon about midday. When we returned to the car about 6 pm we discovered our catalytic converter had been hacked off , and three other vehicles had also been targeted. When the break down truck arrived he said there had been at least two other incidents there last week.

They are targeting hybrids, though ALL vehicles are at risk. Toyota's Prius models, 2nd generation 2004-2009 and 3rd generation 2009-2016 , and Auris Hybrid 2nd generation 2012-2018 are particularly popular with these crooks. They are after the precious metals, rhodium, platinum and palladium contained in the converters.

Apparently this isn't a new crime but has increased greatly this year and is nation wide. Park & Rides and Public car parks appear to be popular sites.

Interestingly Long Ashton P&R although there are cameras it isn't manned.


Previous website article "There have been a spate of recent thefts of Catalytic Converters from vehicles in the Nailsea area. Thieves are targeting these by simply unbolting or cutting them out to take to unscrupulous metal recyclers for the precious metals, such as platinum, palladium and rhodium, that are inside the converters. This is a very audacious crime and difficult to guard against unless the car can be garaged whenever possible. Where the car has an alarm system that is activated if the car is lifted or tilted do make sure it has been set when the car is locked. There are even catalytic converter protection devices or marking systems approved by

Even parking the car in a spot overlooked by residents could be a deterrent.

If you see someone acting suspiciously under a vehicle, report it to the police. If your converter is stolen contact the police immediately by calling 101."

Changes to the Nailsea Beat Team:

The local beat team is (as at 09/10/2019):

Mark Raby - Neighbourhood Police Team Sergeant

Martin Faithfull - Neighbourhood Beat Manager

Connor Aitken - Police Community Support Officer

Chea Scandrett - Police Community Support Officer

Cathryn (Kate) Turner - Police Community Support Officer [Kate is no longer shown as part of the Nailsea Team but is currently on a Nailsea Schools project on a 6 month secondment]

Ref: Avon and Somerset Website

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