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  • Alerts from Action Fraud:

New: The latest Scam alerts from Action Fraud can now be seen on our website under Crime Prevention + - Scams page or via the left hand menu options.

  • Beware:

This was sent to us via our website contact page from one of our Coordinators.

'Two teenage girls wearing red t-shirts roaming around
Vynes Way area yesterday afternoon. They rang my bell, one of them
asking if the cat that was sat on my lawn was mine. I said 'no'. She
then asked if it had an owner. I said yes. They then left. I then
spotted one of the girls come back onto my property & carry the
cat away. I challenged her, at which point she got mouthy with me
before eventually letting the cat go. Trespass & unauthorised
removal of someone else's property! Beware!' 

Anything of this nature which is suspicious could be a crime should be reported to the Police.

"As the potential offender is still in the area, you should call 999 so police officers can attend if appropriate. If it happened in the past, it's still worth reporting it to 101 to inform your local policing team as there may be a pattern". - (from the A&S Police Website - also see below)

  • 101 or 999 - which one should you call? 

When in a panic it's easy to become confused and forget which number to call and which one is the most appropriate - to find the answer select the link below to the Avon & Somerset Police website and take the test:

101 or 999?