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CCTV Public

North Somerset Council CCTV

North Somerset Council operates 79 CCTV cameras throughout the area with 12 in Nailsea Centre: (as at 29/07/2019)

Site Area Number of Cameras Camera

Christchurch Close

1 N201

Crown Glass/Somerset Square

2 N211/N212

High Street

3 N203/N204/N207

Link Road

1 N206

Scotch Horne

1 N208

Station Road Short Stay Car Park

2 N209/N210

Stock Way North Long Stay Car Park

1 N202

Waitrose Car Park

1 N205

CCTV control room manager: Dial 01934 634 711 for help with:

·when directed to an incident in CCTV view

·when you are suspicious/concerned that something is about to happen

·something has happened and could come into CCTV view

They cannot help with:

·when the incident is not in camera view and unlikely to come into view

·when they are asked to direct cameras on specific individuals without justification

·when the incident involves an injured person


·N-Somerset CCTV cannot report crime they cannot see themselves

·they should never be called ‘instead of’ but ‘as well as’ the police

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