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April 2020 Newsletter (Web Edition)

(Unfortunately the formatting is not as per the printed copy but the detail is correct)


 The newsletter for Nailsea’s Neighbourhood Watch April 2020 WEBSITE ONLY edition

Future of the Nailsea NHW:

1. For some time now we have had the problem of reducing numbers of members as Coordinators retire and no one coming forward to replace them. This was very much noticed at the Christmas Social where numbers were down, which is especially disappointing for the effort the committee put into setting up these meetings.

2. As you know we’ve again had to ask for replacement Newsletter Editors but sadly no one has come forward. As a temporary measure Gill McConachie and Colin Oliver have agreed to publish both April and June newsletters. After that there will be no more newsletters unless helpers come forward.

3. At the last Committee Meeting a number of key committee members felt it was time for a change and as a result there was a proposal that the majority of members did not want to stand for re-election at the July 2020 AGM (some after many years of serving on the Committee).

Because of other commitments we also plan to change the date of this year’s AGM to Wednesday 24th June and we will publicise the new date in the June Newsletter and the North Somerset Times, Sign Post section and on our Website Calendar section.

4. On reflection it was felt that this did not give the membership enough time to come forward and continue the association and therefore we have proposed the following:

a) The key members of the committee have now agreed to offer themselves for re-election at the AGM, for one year only – until July 2021

b) We will publish the April and June Newsletters and then stop. If someone were to come forward, we could continue with electronic publications via the Website.

c) We will not be asking for any further subscription in September. There has been an issue trying to collect subs, which are noticeably down by about 1/3 from previous years. The bank hasn’t helped by not allowing subs to be paid into the account over the counter without a pre-payment slip.

d) We aim to continue the Public Meetings with speakers up to July 2021.

e) We will continue to publicise our Public Meetings in the North Somerset Times, Sign Post section and in our website Calendar section.

f) We are to cancel the Christmas Social this December.

g) We will continue with the Website, which incidentally we have just re-launched with a more modern design and easier navigation aimed at mobile smart devices, in a hope of encouraging more younger people to look at our site. Also, the Police Alerts will also continue to available on the website, plus another useful events in the Calendar section.

h) We will continue to provide and if necessary fit NHW Signs on behalf of Coordinators until July 2021.

If after this period not enough members come forward to take over the main committee roles then the association will cease after 30 years, which would be a shame.

This could be our last year as an association, consequently, the July 2021 AGM could in effect be an EGM (Emergency General Meeting) to wind up the association. We would need sell the assets (Projector & Audio equipment) and donate all monies to either Crimestoppers or some similar scheme. That would mean that monies collected from Nailsea NHW members would then not be used for the benefit of Nailsea NHW members.

Any spare signs would be kept and given to Coordinators requesting replacements, which they would have to fit themselves. For any new signs, a Coordinator would need to gain permission from North Somerset Council and purchase the signs themselves. Once the association is wound up the website would cease and the “” domain name would be lost and could be used by scammers. The Facebook presence will continue, certainly up to July 2021.

Even if the association may cease the individual NHW schemes would still continue under the auspices of the Police NHW Administrator and Coordinators would still receive Police Alerts as now.

It is in the hands of the membership whether or not they wish the association to continue.

Nailsea NHW Website:

We have now re-launched our website in order to present a more modern viewing experience for not only PCs but all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet devices.

We have also added a live link from the main home page to our Facebook page.

From the main home website page there are four top main menu options: Home; About Neighbourhood Watch; Contact Us and Site Map and these four main menu options will be available from every website page. The Home menu will offer a drop-down list of sub-menus (2nd level menu options) and in cases were an option shows a > sign this will indicate that there will be further sub-menus (3rd level menu options). Please have a look and give any feedback to Colin Oliver ( who can liaise with the Website Hosting service should anything need fundamentally changing.

NHW Signs:

According to our records all registered schemes now have at least one sign fitted. If your scheme has an old or damaged sign or you think there should be additional signs please contact Colin Oliver (

Please note that should a scheme be de-registered with the Police, for example because their Coordinator has left and could not be replaced, the existing signs must be removed within 14 days according to the current regulations (1992 Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations). Please also note that signs from de-registered schemes that cause damage or injury are not covered under the National NHW Insurance Scheme.

Our Next Open Meeting – Wednesday 6th May United Reformed Church, Stockway North, BS48 1AQ at 7.30pm


Please see the Calendar option on our website for meeting updates –

We have been asked by Nailsea Police to highlight one of the telephone scams circulating at the moment.

Between 1st October 2019 and 16th January 2020, the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau identified 571 reports of Amazon Prime related computer software service fraud with scammers stealing over £1,000,000 from unsuspecting victims.

Victims receive an automated telephone call stating that they have been fraudulently charged for an Amazon Prime subscription and told to ‘press 1’ to be connected to an Amazon Customer Service Rep in order to cancel the transaction*. This does not connect to an Amazon employee but directly to the scammer who then tells the victim that remote access to their computer is required in order to fix a ‘security flaw’. The scammer asks the victim to download an application called ‘Team Viewer’ and log into their online bank account. By doing this the scammer now has remote access to the victim’s computer and financial details.

 * Another scam stated the victim was eligible for a refund for an unauthorised transaction on their account

 REMEMBER: Never install any software or visit a website as a result of a cold call.

Stay in control, if you are not happy or feel intimidated with the way the conversation is progressing just put the phone down.

If you have been a victim of fraud or cyber-crime please report it to ‘Action Fraud’ online or call 0300 1232040
  Amended date for our AGM:

In order for key members of the Committee to be present, our AGM will be now held on Wednesday 24th June at The United Reformed Church Stockway North, BS48 1AQ at 7.30pm.
Please come along and give your views on the future of Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch.
  Please be aware that this meeting may also be cancelled!
USEFUL PHONE NUMBERS 999: Emergency services
101: Non-emergency calls
0800 555 111: Crime Stoppers
  Local Policing Priorities for Nailsea. January 2020:

There has been an increase in reported Anti-social behaviour caused by youths around Somerset Square and Colliers Walk

Action: The Nailsea Neighbourhood Police team have increased directed patrols during weekends and evenings to engage with the youths.

Priority: There is a reported level of vehicles found speeding near schools and local businesses.
Action: The Nailsea Neighbourhood Police team have conducted days of action alongside our community Speed Watch Volunteers to address the issues. Those found to be continually travelling with excess speed will be targeted with enforcement.
   Sue Lomax (Chair)
01275 542 713

Vice Chair Vacancy
 Anne Slade (Secretary)

 Sandra Hearne (Treasurer)

 Tim Holman (Local Nailsea Schemes Admin)
  Resolution of the month:

 Check the ‘small print’ of your home contents insurance policy very carefully especially the ‘accidental damage’ section to ensure you have the level of cover you need/thought you had.
  Colin Oliver (Signs Permission & Fitting / Website Admin)

Newsletter Editors
  “The Little Book of BIG Scams”:

We have a limited number of this booklet which is published by the Metropolitan Police Service and printed by the Avon & Somerset Police This booklet raises awareness to a fairly comprehensive number of fraudulent scams and gives good advice on how to protect yourself.

 Copies will be available at our next Open Meeting – date to be confirmed.
  Grete Howard (Social Media Manager)